The Second Naming Ceremony

On November 14, 2022, Havila Voyages' second star-ship was christened in Ålesund. Here's a recap...

Film: Oclin

Film: Oclin

The Second Naming Ceremony

On November 14, 2022, Havila Voyages' second star-ship was christened in Ålesund. Here's a recap...

By the time Lasse Vangstein, Head of Communications, is greeting chief mate Arvid Øye at Skansenkaia in Ålesund, the quay is already starting to fill up.

Soon, CEO Bent Martini arrives, offering greetings to captain Truls Bruland.

Two local marching bands have joined forces to provide us a festive and highly professional musical experience.

CEO Bent Martini enters the stage, ready to deliver the first speech of the day.

"Havila Castor is – just like her sister Havila Capella – a leading star. She was the first ship to sail into the Geirangerfjord completely emission-free and silent, and she did so four years sooner than the government's requirement for emission-free sailing in the world heritage fjords. We proved it possible even though many believed that 2026 was far too early to succeed with these ambitions. Today, we should be grateful. Grateful for the Sævik family and the Havila Group who dared to start the biggest tourism venture in Norway in the last 30 years. Grateful that they are 'going strong' at the project despite some headwinds at the very beginning".

Afterwards, Martini uses the opportunity to thank both the Norwegian government, all coastal communities from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north, and finally the many suppliers and contractors that have been working with Havila Voyages.

"These ships are built at the Tersan shipyard in Turkey, but more than half of the ship is Norwegian-built, with systems for propulsion, steering, navigation and, not least, the interior you experience aboard. Thank you all for good cooperation and many good discussions along the way".

"Finally, I must thank all our wonderful employees at sea and on land who – regardless of any challenges or time of the day – do everything they can to make us succeed", says Martini, before introducing the second orator of the day...

Chairman of the board at Havila Voyages, Per Sævk, is clearly moved as he enters the stage to the sound of applause by all those present.

"Havila Castor is a constellation that shines for those who are sailing, and even though we have had a strong northern wind blowing at us from all directions during the last four years of working with these projects... With all the positive feedback on the boats, the crew, the customer service, and the food, I have to say that I believe that the future is bright.

Then, godmother – and Per Sævik's granddaughter – Aurora Sævik arrives on stage. She is wearing her Bunad, a traditional Norwegian costume which is only to be used on very special occasions. The pattern on her dress is specific for Sunnmøre, the region in which she is from.

"I christen you 'Havila Castor'. May luck and good fortune follow you and your crew on all seas", she says before splashing pure spring water from Geiranger on the ship's side.

Afterwards, she gets a lot of nice attention, especially from her proud grandfather.

"I got incredibly proud and happy when Grandpa asked whether I wanted to be the godmother of Havila Castor", says Aurora.

"We, the grandchildren, were allowed to participate in choosing names for the coastal cruise ships, but I never imagined standing here today. This will remain a lifetime memory.

From the left: Hotel manager André Aslaksen, chief engineer Ernst Stenvold, chairman of the board Per Sævik, godmother Aurora Sævik, CEO Bent Martini, captain Truls Bruland and chief officer Arvid Øye.

The film is made by Oclin.

The film is made by Oclin.

After the naming ceremony, all specially invited guests board the ship and head to the Havrand restaurant, where lunch is served.

Speeches are held, and several gifts are being exchanged. The godmother is presented with a tangible memory to bring back home.

Here, we see Head of communications, Lasse Vangstein, interviewing captain Truls Bruland about his experiences as a captain aboard Havila Castor.

Engin Oktay, who's the owner of the Tersan shipyard in Turkey which has built the four coastal cruise ships, brought his special gift for Per Sævik.

Then, we get to enjoy a touching musical performance by Egil Romslo Schistad (piano) and Andrine Berge (vocals).

At the very end of the lunch, the staff at the restaurant are asked to take a walk through the dining area so that we can see who they are and give them a well-deserved round of applause to thank them for the tasty food and good service.

Did we mention that the ship is open to all visitors today? In fact, 948 guests (passengers not included), are visiting us throughout the day. And they are all offered free coffee and cake.

Camilla Gulliksen and Frode Hammerseth from our costomer service center are present with some extraordinary good offers for selected round voyages.

In Havblikk Bar & Lounge on deck nine, there is even more cake for the godmother and everyone else who would like a taste.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the naming ceremony of Havila Castor to celebrate the big day with us!

Warm regards, Havila Voyages.